Join us for an interactive workshop on adding LinkedIn Learning into your courses. Bring your syllabus and receive ideas from faculty using Linked Learning.

Friday, October 30, 2020 @ 1:00PM – 3:00 PM

Join us in this Zoom webinar where we discuss Hypothesis in Canvas, a tool that enhances student interaction and engagement by allowing group annotations/discussion of either a website or uploaded pdf.

Thursday, November 5, 2020 @ 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Lecturer and team

Learn how to create an effectively engaging online course. In this section, topics include synchronous and asynchronous online courses, best practices for facilitating an engaging online environment, and the myriad technologies and programs available to assist in enhancing student engagement.

The Little Orange Book captures reflections, tips and commentaries on teaching and learning from the members of the University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers. Its many vignettes span a wide range of topics and teaching interests, from establishing a safe learning space to classroom silences, from curriculum development to modeling the best teachers, and from giving thanks to those teachers who came before us to leaving our own legacies. The Little Orange Book is the perfect text for first-time college instructors who are just getting started on their instructional careers, as well as longtime faculty who have many experiences in the college-level classroom.

Have you struggled to create a vibrant online classroom where all students feel connected?

Check out this recent outstanding article – written by Beth McMurtrie of The Chronicle of Higher Education – on how some professors are creating an engaging and vibrant online classroom.

UTA Classroom During COVID

Explore several approaches on how to effectively engage students in the classroom. Topics include: best practices for motivating students, tips on how to handle controversial topics, how to teach to a large classroom, the benefits of using technology in the classroom.

Our Mission

To engage faculty in research-based practices that innovate and enhance their teaching, resulting in clear and measurable advances in student learning. 

Laptop with design app

This section covers several resources for creating effective online courses, for creating high quality hybrid course designs, for maintaining effective online classroom engagement. 

Dr. Andrew Clark and Dr. Ann Cavallo

Our Goals

  • To provide positive support for teaching, inspiring and empowering faculty dedicated to ensuring all students learn successfully.
  • To collaborate with faculty across campus on research and grants, emphasizing the exploration and application of innovative and evidence-based teaching and learning practices.
  • To promote experiential learning by engaging faculty in implementing the Maverick Advantage high-impact teaching practices: Community Engagement, Undergraduate Research, Career Development, Global Engagement, Leadership Development

Learn all of the components of Canvas.

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