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Microsoft Teams for Teaching with the UTA Office of Information Technology (OIT)

With Canvas Conferences Premium no longer available at UTA after May 31, 2021 now is the time to switch to Microsoft Teams! Microsoft Teams is continuously updating its features and capabilities that make teaching more interactive, efficient, and overall more effective in promoting student learning in online and hybrid design courses. Join our OIT partners as they demonstrate these features in the seminar that best fits your schedule.

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Teams for Teaching Resource Guide
Teams versus Canvas Conference Comparison                                                          

                                                                 Tuesday, April 20, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm                                                             

                                                     RSVP below and a link to join the session will be emailed.

CRTLE and Disability Studies in Partnership

Everyday Ableism: Unpacking Disability Stereotypes and Microaggressions

Presenter and Facilitator:

Amanda Kraus, Ph.D., President of the Association of Higher Education and Disability

When we understand disability in a context of social justice and ableism, a cultural experience very much influenced by dynamics of power and privilege, we can begin to unpack the many ways disabled people are targets of bias and microaggressions. This workshop will use relevant research to identify pervasive disability stereotypes and microaggressions and explore about how these ideas shape the disability experience and inform our personal and professional behaviors and attitudes. In order to affect sustained access and inclusion on college and university campuses, we must recognize the pervasiveness of these ideas and reframe our work and attitudes to align with
social justice values.

Accessibility information and questions: ASL interpretation provided along with AI captions in Teams; contact Dr. Sarah Rose ( or Mikila Salazar ( with questions and for additional disability-related access requests, including CART. This virtual event is free and open to the public.

                                                                         Wednesday, April 21, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

                                                               More Information on Dr. Kraus and the Event is Here
                                                                           Join the Teams Session on April 21 Here


CRTLE Faculty Showcase:
A Celebration of Teaching Excellence

Join CRTLE for our second annual virtual conference where faculty across campus will share unique and innovative teaching practices. Our Maverick Advantage Faculty Engagement (MAFE), Center for Service Learning (CSL), Professional Learning Community (PLC), and CRTLE Faculty Faculty Fellows will present their inspiring projects and engage all in interactive discussions on teaching. This event is to celebrate our faculty for your amazing work in teaching. We will see you there!

                                                     RSVP below and a Teams link to join the session will be emailed.

                                                                           Friday, April 23, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


CRTLE Year in Review 

Report 2019-2020

We are pleased to present our first annual Center for

Research on Teaching and Learning Excellence (CRTLE)

Year in Review Report to highlight many of the activities we

sponsored in the past year. You can access the full report here.

Learn how to create an effectively engaging online course. In this section, topics include synchronous and asynchronous online courses, best practices for facilitating an engaging online environment, and the myriad technologies and programs available to assist in enhancing student engagement.

Have you struggled to create a vibrant online classroom where all students feel connected?

Check out this recent outstanding article – written by Beth McMurtrie of The Chronicle of Higher Education – on how some professors are creating an engaging and vibrant online classroom.

UTA Classroom During COVID

Explore several approaches on how to effectively engage students in the classroom. Topics include: best practices for motivating students, tips on how to handle controversial topics, how to teach to a large classroom, the benefits of using technology in the classroom.

Our Mission

To engage faculty in research-based practices that innovate and enhance their teaching, resulting in clear and measurable advances in student learning. 


This section covers several resources for creating effective online courses, for creating high quality hybrid course designs, for maintaining effective online classroom engagement. 

Dr. Andrew Clark and Dr. Ann Cavallo

Our Goals

  • To provide positive support for teaching, inspiring and empowering faculty dedicated to ensuring all students
    learn successfully.
  • To collaborate with faculty across campus on research and grants, emphasizing the exploration and application of innovative and evidence-based teaching and
    learning practices.
  • To promote experiential learning by engaging faculty in implementing the Maverick Advantage high-impact teaching practices: Community Engagement, Undergraduate Research, Career Development, Global Engagement, Leadership Development

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