Recorded Sessions

UTA Faculty Helping Each Other

Service Learning Workshop

Presented by Dr. Marybeth Lima

Inclusive Teaching Strategies Series: Session 3

Presented by: Dr. Beth Fleener, Dr. Sarah Rose, Mikila Salazar, Erica Francisco

Gates Foundation Lab (a Series)

Presented by Professor Marty Harvey, Professor Jesus Carrasco, Professor Cheryl Mitchell, Professor Kaci O’Donnell, and Dr. Ritu Khanduri

Promoting Engagement Beyond Discussion Boards

Presented by Dr. Chris Conway (Department of Modern Languages) and Dr. Kim Breuer (Department of History.) 

Microsoft TEAMS for Teaching

Presented by Ron Roberson (OIT)

Beyond Remote Teaching

Presented by Sarah Sarraj, Leila Mahmoudi, Dr. Ann Cavallo


Stranger (Semester) Things: The Sequel

Presented by Dr. Kendra Wallis, Dr. Amy Austin, Dr. Thomas Dombrowsky, and Dr. Robin Macaluso, November 23, 2020

PLC Panel: Lessons Learned for Online Classes

Presented by CRTLE and Collaborate UTA's Quality Enhancement Plan, Dr. Beth Fleener, Dr. Grace Brannon, Dr. Nila Veerabathina,, Dr. Kim Breuer, Dr. Cynthia Woody, and Melanie Mason, November 20, 2020

Picture of Andrew Clark, Ann Cavallo, and Dan Moore

Inclusive Teaching Strategies Series: Session 1

Presented by Dr. Ann Cavallo, Dr. Andrew Clark, CRTLE Fellows,, and CRTLE Staff, November 13, 2020

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