Example D: Overview

In this example, the instructor describes the nature of the content of the course, as well as his approach to it as the instructor.


This course will focus on multiple pedagogical strategies, mathematical problem-solving, and technology use in the content of advanced algebra in secondary mathematics or school Algebra II. This is a course for teachers to extend and deepen both their content knowledge and their pedagogical content knowledge in Algebra II with special focus on developing teacher-leaders in the area of advanced algebra for secondary school mathematics. Whereas some of the tasks included in this course may be suitable for high school students, not all of them are suitable for high school students because the focus of this course is on teacher learning.

We will cover the primary strands from materials found at utdanacenter.org/our-work/higher-education. We include: Foundations of Functions; Quadratic Functions; Square Root Functions; Polynomial, Power, and Rational Functions; Exponential and Logarithmic Functions; and Conic Sections.

I will conduct the course in a seminar-style manner with few lectures. I will normally act as a “moderator” while you (the students) present exercises, teach lessons, and offer justifications to one another. I will answer appropriate questions and steer discussions into productive channels.