Engagement and Teaching Strategies

Explore a variety of approaches to teaching and learning, applicable to large, medium-sized, and small classes alike. Teaching strategies include active learning, peer instruction, team-based learning, case-based learning, “flipping a classroom,” guided reflection, inquiry learning, and service learning. 

Explore several approaches on how to effectively engage students in the classroom. Topics include: best practices for motivating students, tips on how to handle controversial topics, how to teach to a large classroom, the benefits of using technology in the classroom.

Learn how to create an effectively engaging online course. In this section, topics include synchronous and asynchronous online courses, best practices for facilitating an engaging online environment, and the myriad technologies and programs available to assist in enhancing student engagement.

Behind every teaching or facilitating move, behind every research or scholarly act, the questions always lurk: What is it that we are doing? Why are we here? There are many scholars who are exploring these questions and providing concrete proposals for action.