Designing Universally Accessible Courses

Designing Universally Accessible Courses Webinar

On Monday, August 17, 2020, CRTLE, along with the Student Access & Resource Center (formerly OSD), the Center for Distance Education (CDE), and one of our own UTA students, presented a critically important and interactive seminar to build awareness and understanding on promoting successful learning for all students. Learn the UTA procedures to accommodate students as per ADA compliance, as well as techniques to ensure your online, hybrid, and on-campus courses provide universally equitable learning experiences for all. 

Guest Speakers:

  • Destiny Ortega, Student Intern, Disability Studies with CRTLE
  • Cindy Lowery, Director, Student Access & Resource Center (formerly OSD)
  • Joseph Rutledge, Manager, Global Education Outreach, Center for Distance Education

Below is a recorded video of the presentation. The PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

CRTLE Student Intern Spotlight

Destiny Ortega

CRTLE student intern and recent graduate, Destiny Ortega, started this webinar with a presentation titled 10 Things Students With Disabilities Would Like Faculty To Know. Here, she offers some great suggestions on how to best accommodate students with disabilities in your classroom. Her video can be found here.

Destiny also included a short clip in her presentation of a former UTA Lady Movin’ Mav basketball player. Below, Josie Aslakson tells her story of how she turned her struggles into triumphs.