Toni Holland Uses Team-Based Learning Effectively

Team-Based Learning can be used in the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities. In this video Dr. Toni Holland from UT Arlington provides her perspectives and insights on Team-Based Learning: how it engages students in participatory learning and facilitates students’ deeper understanding and thinking.

Diane Mitschke Has “Flipped” Her Classroom

Dr. Diane Mitschke’s course has been transformed, because she has created multiple ways for students to come prepared to class and participate more readily in class discussions and problem solving for deeper, richer learning. Her students come to class more prepared and ready to participate, because they have done assignments that facilitate their preparedness.

Nilakshi Veerabathina uses i-Clickers in Classes with 200 Students

Dr. Nilakshi Veerabathina, from the Department of Physics at UT Arlington, describes the use of student response systems in large classes to keep all students engaged and thinking, and to customize her lectures to the needs of each class.

Peggy Semingson’s YouTube Channel

In this video Dr. Peggy Semingson of UT Arlington talks about why she uses a YouTube channel in her teaching. She has received a total of 108,000 hits — and 35,000 on her phonics video alone! We also discuss how to get started with your own channel.