Peer Observation of Teaching

As mandated by The University of Texas System, all tenured and tenure-track faculty seeking promotion must present evidence of having participated in and responded to a peer observation of teaching.

We also believe Peer Observation of Teaching can be a powerful tool for professional growth, documenting great teaching, and sharing new ideas!

We’ve changed up our training process a bit. We’ve got one-hour sessions (Peer Observation Overview) that just cover the basics — what the policy says, what the expectations are. We’ve also got a two-hour session that walks participants throught the process and gives them practice doing an observation. Many departments are also working with the CTLE to bring the training directly to their faculty, so check with your department to see if they’ve already scheduled a session.

To read the relevant policy, visit the UT Arlington Handbook of Operating Procedures, section ADM 6-710: Faculty Peer Review of Teaching.

Model forms (which can be implemented “as is” or with modifications) appear below.

Note: The Peer Observer Report (online course) was significantly updated with considerable help from the Center for Distance Education in Summer 2015. The revised version is listed as “v. 2.0” below. Both versions will remain up until we transition to the new form. Also new for Summer 2015 is the “Online Peer Observation Email Template” which provides instructions and cut-and-paste text to add an observer to your BlackBoard course.