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Emergency Situations

  • Very Disruptive Student: Stay calm. Find someone to stay with the student if possible. Call Campus Police emergency line at 817-272-3003.
  • Locked Classrooms: Between 8:00 and 5:00 PM: Call Mav Express 817-272-2102 or After hours: Call the non-emergency number for Campus Police: 817-272-3381.
  • Classroom Support: Classroom Support Services supports technology to further effective teaching and student learning. The department is responsible for the installation, administration, maintenance, user training and support, and continuous improvement of teaching technology installed in University classroom and educational spaces. For immediate assistance or to report a problem please call 817-272-1449 or email
  • Locked Office: Call the non-emergency number for Campus Police: 817-272-3381.
  • Escort: Personal security escorts are available upon request from UTA Police Department at 817.272.3381.
  • Jump Starts: UTA Police will assist motorists on the campus needing a jump start for their vehicle by calling 817.272.3381.
  • Facilities Management: Call 817.272.2000 for classroom structural and heating/cooling problems.