Reminder Regarding Microsoft Teams in Your Course

You may have received a notification that you have Teams classes available for your courses. OIT is receiving questions from students who are not seeing their courses in Teams, which is optional for faculty. We ask that you:

  • Please communicate with your students if you are using Teams, or only Canvas.
  • If you are using Teams, please activate your course. A step-by step guide for activating your course is now available.

Faculty Have Two Options for Using Teams

1. Host Teams meetings within Canvas

Host live video conferences and chats within your Canvas course, allowing faculty to share assignments, readings and other materials within Canvas. Students will receive a Teams invitation from you that they will need to accept. See this video tutorial prepared by Dr. Brian Brown from College of Education.

2. Create a Classroom Within Teams

Every course at UTA now has a Teams classroom which is optional for faculty to activate.  This new virtual classroom is preloaded with the students assigned to this course in MyMav. You no longer need to copy and paste students’ names to a course-based Teams group.  

How Does Teams Help Faculty Engage With Students?

Since all students and faculty have access to Teams through Office 365   faculty can engage students in:

  • Online Chat Conversations with the Entire Class
  • Live or Recorded Video or Audio Conferencing
  • Group Chat Sessions with Selected Class Participants 
  • Work Simultaneously to Edit or Review Assignments in Office 365
  • Provides “live” close-captioning of video conferencing and other accessibility tools.


Faculty should note that assignment and grades in the Teams classroom will need to be moved to Canvas to ensure data is maintained for archiving and grade appeals; grades will need to be moved from the Teams classroom to Canvas for extraction into MyMav.

How Do Faculty Download or Access Microsoft Teams?

The Microsoft Teams Resource Guide contains instructions on accessing this service through a web browser or by downloading the application to their device. Like the Canvas app, the Teams phone app is a very robust tool that can support students who may not have access to desktop or laptop computers.   

Will Microsoft Teams Replace Canvas as the Learning Management System?

No. Microsoft Teams will not replace Canvas. While classes displayed in Microsoft Teams will contain a section for assignments and grades, Canvas will remain UTA’s official learning management system. Faculty will continue to be responsible for uploading grades into Canvas for extraction into MyMav for official certification and posting.  

Where Do Faculty Get Help With Teams?

The IT Help Desk is available to answer any questions or gather feedback at 817-272-2208, by chat, or submitting a self-service ticket.  Faculty can also request deletion of their Teams courses from their Microsoft Dashboard by contacting the Help Desk.