Inclusive Teaching Strategies Series: Session 3

Accessibility is not just another brick in the wall…but rather the future of teaching and learning. Join CRTLE and the Disability Studies Minor as we conclude CRTLE’s Inclusive Teaching Series this year with Session 3, which focuses on how we can use universal design practices and the lens of disability to improve learning outcomes for all students. 
  • Learn what disability looks like in classrooms today: it’s probably different than what you think!
  • Discover how to have open, supportive, and legal conversations about disability and disability accommodations with your students.
  • Strategize and collaborate with peers about how to build more accessible and disability-friendly classrooms and learning environments to better serve all of your students.

    Dr. Beth Fleener, CRTLE
    Dr. Sarah Rose, Disability Studies
    Mikila Salazar, Disability Studies
    Erica Francisco, Student Intern, Disability Studies and CRTLE