The CRTLE STAR Initiatives

Support for Student Success: Maverick Advantage Faculty Engagement Program

In Collaboration With Student Success, Lockheed Martin Career Development Center, Leadership Center, Student Affairs, VPR Office, and the QEP
  1. Leadership Development
  2. Undergraduate Research
  3. Community Engagement and Service Learning
  4. Career Development
  5. Global Engagement

Teaching and Learning Innovation Laboratory – LINK Lab

In Collaboration With the Center for Distance Education
  1. Test new technology/instructional design in selected classrooms; collect data
  2. Write grant proposals based on results of instructional testing
  3. Work with faculty to inform and scale up successful practices
  4. Initiate new programs, such as certificate programs leading to recruitment of students into UTA programs
  5. Engage faculty in new research on learning utilizing gaming, maker space, robotics, AI, VR, and other technologies
  6. Assist faculty in using best practices in online learning.

Advancing Instructional Practice – Professional Development

In Collaboration With Faculty Affairs, the IDEAS Center, the LINK Research Lab, and Colleges/Schools
  1. New faculty orientation program
  2. Graduate teaching assistant program
  3. Sponsor seminars adn working sessions throughout the academic year on teaching/learning
  4. Host speaker series on Teaching and Learning for all faculty, staff, and students
  5. Provide one-to-one and small group professional development for faculty seeking assistance to improve their teaching
  6. Maintain a Mentoring Program for new faculty with both one-to-one and small group mentoring

Research on Teaching and Learning

In Collaboration With VPR/OGS, the Writing Center, the LINK Research Lab, and the Development Office
  1. Work with faculty to submit grant proposals on education
  2. Sponsor working sessions on Education-focused Grant Writing with Faculty
  3. Host seminars on education grant writing and research/publication

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